Download WhatsApp Business For Android

Download WhatsApp Business For Android | Latest Version 2018

Download WhatsApp Business For Android | Latest Version 2018: Whatsapp was basically designed for messaging, call, chatting, and video calling. It is free of charge but recently the owner of the app wants to make huge among of money from the app by introducing Whatsapp Business.

This app is designed for business, it is not merely for chatting with friends, loved ones and family as all these have been taken care of by its normal app. This app is quite similar to the traditional WhatsApp app, it comes with its green logo and design, but there are some differences.


For example under the settings tab, users will find more options such as Business Settings and Statistics. It also comes with another feature which allows its user to register another mobile number for WhatsApp Business app.

Features of Whatsapp Business App

– The app helps customers to know more about your business
– It helps to create leads for your business.
– Unlike its ordinary app, users who download this app can update their location, categories/tags, a description of your business, an email address, and one or many website addresses.
– That’s not all, it gives its users the option/opportunity to generate a message that will automatically go to your customers you’re not available and even users can set them to on, off, or on a schedule.
– Customers can as well view every single business profile
– With this version, users can register their landline numbers.
– Users can make use of both apps(that is the Whatsapp Business and Whatsapp ordinary app)the same time
– Users can as well migrate their ordinary WhatsApp account to WhatsApp business account.
– It gives its user the opportunity to know the total of messages they have sent, delivered, read, and received.
– In the profile of this app you can add your business’ name, a Verified/Unverified status badge,

Having known the feature of For Android version, I guess you can update or download its app. However, the app is still in its beta stage which makes it a bit difficult. However, you can download it to promote your business. With this, customers can reach out to you and your business easily and fast and you in return can reach out to them without stress.

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