PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile: Download Apk | PUBG Game Download for Android and iPhone

PUBG Mobile is the latest game that got shivers on the bodies of game freaks around the world. Initially, game lovers thought they have seen it all when Pokemon Go was released but PUGB game gave them a real challenge. The game is all about aiming and shooting. It is an exciting game that comes with a lot of wonderful gaming feature. It is swift, simple and very engaging. Game lovers all around the world can play it on their Android phones. The game application was developed by Tencent and Bluehole and its mobile and Apk version can be played free of charge.

PUBG PC Version

Unlike most of the gaming application that can only be used or played on , or Microsoft mobile smartphones, PUBH game can be played on computer devices such as desktop, laptops, or Windows Pc version. Xbox may be great but the frame rates of this game is far better than what Xbox offers to its users. In general, the gaming experience here is absolutely amazing. It pays to get this game application on your smartphone but if you want to enjoy it on a bigger screen then you have to use the PC version.


Features Mobile PUBG Mobile

– The game come from free
– You can use it on smartphone and pc
– It has pc version and android application
– It is supported and compatible with Android phones and tablets
– The game has a stable FPS and this makes it great
– The games run smooth on smartphone and pc
– It has good display quality and wonderful resolution


The first issue I noticed about the game is that you cannot use your computer mouse to play it. The second issue is that the popularity of the game hasnt gone extremely high as game freaks are still suffering from Pokemon Go hangover. However, the game application has been installed thousands of times and more game lovers are visiting play different app stores to download the game app.

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