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Whatsapp Download Latest Version – Updated Released Version

Whatsapp Download Latest Version: WhatsApp is one of the most popular free chatting applications of this world right now with over one billion downloads in the world. It is free to install the app irrespective of the type of phone and tablet you are you.

The app is also compatible with Android, Windows and iOS phones. Recently, chat encryption was introduced to the app and this makes chat secure and safe. Every year new interesting features are added to the app and these features make it more engaging, unique and wonderful.


Recently another awesome feature was added to the app, this new feature enables you to carry or communicate via conference or group video chat. Another good side of the app is its chat layout and interface. The iconic green color of the app makes it easily identifiable and unique. Its interface also makes it user-friendly. However, before you get started you must be connected to wifi either through wifi, mobile data, internet router etc.

Whatsapp Download Latest Version

For those that have the latest version, you don’t need to update or download the new version as the one you downloaded will be ok. When you want to download the latest version then you don’t need to uninstall the already downloaded app, all you need to do is to automatically update the app.

Android App
iOS App
Popularity Over one billion
How to register Mobile phone number
Uses chat, messaging, whatsapp business, voice and video call
Profiles Photos, contacts, photos

Note that when your previous version expires, you will be automatically disconnected until you update it. You can visit google play store to download the Whatsapp latest version. You can use the link provided here, it is extracted from the Google play store, therefore it is safe to use.

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