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Whatsapp New Update 2018/2019 Features | Download Whatsapp 2019

Whatsapp Download 2019: This latest version of Whatsapp is out and this time the eyes of the developers are set in 2019. Every now and then, this app keeps getting new features. The latest version of this app comes with excellent additional features.

So it pays to install the latest version when the older version becomes obsolete. Here are some of the latest features of the newer version of this app.

Whatsapp New Update 2018/2019 Features | Download Whatsapp 2019

Whatsapp is changing the way we communicate by giving us the opportunity to chat, message, call, video chat etc. It also has platforms for business owners who want to use the platform to get more buyers, clients and those who want online presence.


Every year, more and more features are being added to its platform thereby making it not only better but trending. Some of the added features allow its users to update their status, select text{messages}, android payment, WhatsApp business and group conferencing.

There are a lot you can do with this app. Firstly a group admin can add and remove other users who are in the group by simply clicking on the tap written “Group info” and after the admin will tap on “Dismiss as admin.” Also, admin of a group can choose the particular to add others, group icon, and other description.

Just like we stated above, if you send message/text by mistake, you can simply hold the text/message and click on the delete button. You share real-time location if you downloaded the latest version.

Download Whatsapp 2019 Links

= Android App

= iOS App

You can simply do that by clicking on attach icon > location, and tap “Share live location” to share. To get started, you need to download the newer version that has all these features and a lot of others not mentioned here.

Download Whatsapp 2019

If you have previously downloaded the older version then you then you need to get the newer version. So to get the newer/latest version you need to update the already installed app but if you are using the app for the first time then go to google play, apple store, Microsoft store to get the app. You can use the link we provided here to get the app if you can’t access play store, apple store or Microsoft store directly.

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