WhatsApp Group Video Chat Has Been Added To WhatsApp: Learn How To Join

WhatsApp Group Video Chat: The latest update on WhatsApp allows for group video chat. Before now users can only engage in one and one Video chat but there was no provision for group video chat.

This video chat serves the same purpose as video conferencing app which allows you to video chat with more than one person. This gives a room for more engagement during through video conferencing or group video chat. What this means is that you can video chat with up to four persons and see each other at once during the group chat.

This new feature comes in its latest app, so if you are using older version then it will be impossible to use this new feature. You can use both voice and video chat features once but it restricts you to group chat with only four persons per session. Just like all of WhatsApp’s messaging and chat services, the new group calls features are complete end-to-end encrypted.

Latest WhatsApp update aims to make chat and communication via its platform better, simpler, easier and above all more engaging. If you want to talk to anyone via the group video chat then you’ll have to start a video conversation by adding them each individually.

What this means is that calls can’t be started from group chats. There the way to commence your video chat is to call one user and then look for the little button in the top-right corner and click on it to then you can choose the person you want to add to the conversation, when you do this the person(s) you want to join will then be called and added to the conversation like normal.

WhatsApp Group Video Chat calling is already out in the latest version of Whatsapp app so you can download for iPhone and Android by going to Google play store and apple store respectively.

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